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Bad Gleichenberg
Gleichenberg castle
Forgotten castles.

The castle "Old-Gleichenberg" was built in 1170 at a strategically favorable bottleneck at the southern exit of the so-called "Klausenschlucht" by the Lords of Wildon. Today you can still see the remnants of it. In the 14th century, the Walseer built directly opposite a castle named "New-Gleichenberg", which was expanded in the 17th century to the palace. In 1945, the palace was badly damaged and finally destroyed in 1983 by a fire. Today, the palace is no longer to visit.

Heath resort
Health resort of the rich and beautiful.

After the Graz physician Dr. Werlé had alerted him the healing properties of the springs in the 19th century, the Styrian governor Count Mathias Constantin Capello Graf von Wickenburg, in 1849, systematically set up the place to allow visitors to use the local healing springs. For the first ''season'' 1837 more than 118 guests come to relax in the new spa. Bad Gleichenberg quickly became the luxury resort of the whole monarchy. Here the European aristocracy and prominent personalities lodged quarters in the noble hotels. Noble accommodations, soothing treatments and entertainment at daily concerts made only for benevolence. In the so-called "Green Salon", the 20-hectare spa park, Countess Emma von Wickenburg planted numerous exotic trees and shrubs. Even today, guests from near and far enjoy these historically grown biodiversity of the green lung of the remodeled Bad Gleichenberg, that also shines with a completely restored main square, since 2015. The medical facilities of the health resort are among the most modern in Austria. Especially the treatment of the respiratory tract and the skin counts, thanks to the local healing springs, to the great figureheads of the health resort Bad Gleichenberg.

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Bad Gleichenberg
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